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RappiBank launches cards in record time

RappiBank is the financial services vertical of Rappi that allows to market options such as debit or credit cards thanks to the alliance between Rappi, Minsait Payments as a technology partner at regional level and different financial entities at local level in most countries where Rappi is present and whose launch will be carried out in phases.

The problem

Achieve market exit in different geographies with credit and debit in a record time-to-market

The solution

Minsait Payments is the card processing platform capable of launching credit and debit cards in record time-to-market, in an agile way, allowing Rappi to:

  • Offer cards, both credit and debit, to a large customer base
  • Have a platform capable of withstanding an important evolution in terms of the volume of the card park
  • Gain flexibility for incorporating new countries in subsequent waves


Minsait Payments, the key solution in RappiBank’s flexibility

  • Our knowledge and experience make it possible to simplify the implementation project and shorten deadlines.
  • Our methodology facilitates the definition of incremental product and achieve the best time-to-market.
  • Our service is located and considers the functionality and regulations required in each country.
  • Our solutions are constantly evolving in line with market trends, incorporating ApplePay operations in this case.
  • Our management model governs all participants, controls the work plan and, where appropriate, is fully adaptable to address replanning.

“The collaboration between Rappi and Minsait Payments allows us to go to market in Mexico, Colombia and Peru in less than 6 months, this being one of the main priorities of the project. Agility and speed in the time-to-market are essential for a fintech like Rappi.”

Juan Pablo Ortega

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