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A unique platform for global management in Latin American banking

Falabella Bank is a banking institution that is strongly committed to digitization, supported by its own apps, whose use is experiencing exponential growth.

The problem

Manage the business in a unified way, creating synergies and orienting ourselves towards

The solution

We manage under the same solution the credit and debit cards of the offices in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia. All this thanks to the multi-entity, multi-country and multi-currency capabilities of two of our Onesait Payments solutions:

  • Issuing: a global and unique card management platform, regionalized by country.
    This platform covers the need for unification of all Falabella Bank cards
  • Loyalty: our system for loyalty at the point of sale

On the other hand, for the opening of a new business in Mexico, we were suppliers in SaaS mode, which meant a significant reduction in time-to-market.


Making a difference in the digitization of the banking sector

  • Minsait provides a platform prepared for current and future challenges, through version upgrades.
  • Creates solutions with the ability to manage high card volumes and transactions.
  • It makes it more flexible to adapt to local needs, due to the possibility of working on an on-premise model or on a Software as a Service model.
  • Reduces time-to-market.
  • It fosters synergies between countries.
  • Eliminates silos, with global corporate architecture

“At Falabella Financiero we always seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, which motivates us to work constantly to deliver an increasingly personalized service, tailored to their needs, putting technology at their service and evolving together with the changing trends of the industry worldwide, for which Minsait Payments is the ideal technological partner.”

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