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Payment platform for financial service providers

Proven experience across multiple sectors

New digital technologies are shaping a new scenario in which more and more companies are merging the business experience with that of payment.

At Minsait Payments we collaborate with financial institutions, fintechs and businesses and large technology companies to lead the payment industry from innovation.

  • Konfío
  • Finandina Bank
  • Falabella
  • Nanopay
  • Clara
  • Stori
  • Rappibank

Vocation of transversality in all sectors


We help financial institutions to be more agile without putting their business at risk.

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We accompany fintechs in the explosive growth of their business.

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We offer unified card management for large retailers.

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We work hand in hand to transform the payment experience in the energy sector.

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Explore the potential of payments

We accompany you in the discovery of new spaces of opportunity based on the main trends identified in different countries of Latin America and Europe.

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At Minsait Payments we make a difference in transforming thousands of businesses in the world. What are you waiting for!

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