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Flexible and agile payment processor

The Minsait Payments platform is for all those companies that want to quickly create innovative use cases around payments

A unified payment platform

In all sectors, many of the most innovative business models have in common that their payment solutions are based on a modern platform with open APIs. This allows them to integrate payments into their products quickly creating new experiences for their users.

We accompany the business model of each client, whether in its birth, development or expansion, offering confidence and stability in the management of the business. All this in an agile and flexible way.

We accelerate the business of the future, driving new payment experiences

  • The technological capabilities of our payment platform and Cloud payment processing services allow us to respond to the challenges around different payment businesses

  • Business vision

    Unlock new revenue streams for your business. We have created a powerful technology platform with a payment engine that allows you to create new value propositions around any type of payment business.

  • Operational business processes

    Our platform has been designed with a modular structure that allows you to configure each of its components creating innovative use cases that solve the needs of your customers in record time.

Simple and intuitive integrations through our APIs

From preconfigured solutions for technology companies looking to make payments in very short time, to the complete configuration of our payment solutions to the needs of the customer

Technology as the basis of our differential and regionalized processing model

  • Flexibility

    Processing service model highly configurable and configurable to the new use cases that the market and our customers demand.
  • Agility

    Marketing and implementation model supported by its own agile methodology that reduces time-to-market to weeks, adapting it to the pace required by fintech companies.
  • Scalability

    Global coverage while solving regionalization challenges accompanying the progressive growth of our customers' business.
  • Innovation

    Robust platform with wide functional coverage on which we create a value proposition around innovation businesses and alternative payment methods.


  • Visa Ready

    Compliance with Visa security standards and specifications for the next generation of payment solutions.

    Accredits adherence to international best practices in means of payment security
  • PA-DSS

    Proof that we comply with the payment application data security standard
  • ISO 9001

    Demonstrates our quality and ability to meet customer needs

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