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Venture easily into the payments business and unlock new revenue streams.

Control, security and flexibility

Prepaid is the great ally to boost your business. The ease of implementation, its flexible configuration capacity and a time-to-market of weeks makes it the best alternative to start issuing means of payment.

Its low financial risk and the possibility of knowing more about the consumption habits of users makes it an ideal option to encourage financial inclusion, as well as evolve towards more complex businesses, such as credit.

Comprehensive prepaid operations management

Create custom card programs

Issue physical and virtual prepaid cards associated with one or more cardholders and configure them quickly and easily.

Deliver a digital and mobile experience

Tokenize the card to enable mobile payment through digital wallets while minimizing the risk of fraud.

Define the operation of your prepaid

Defines how, when and where cards are used using a highly configurable expense control engine.

Issue cards instantly

It makes it easy for your users to make use of their card in a very simple way and in a few minutes from their mobile.

Know your customers

Segment your customers according to the use of their cards and combine it with other KPIs to get a real view of their behavior.

Use Cases

The versatility of prepayment, thanks to its remarkable degree of parameterization, allows to generate programs oriented to segments with different problems.

  • State subsidies

    Simple and effective distribution ensuring that the aid is used for the purpose it was intended.
  • Family economics

    Distribution of money between the different members of a family, applying personalized spending controls
  • Trips

    Multi-currency management that allows you to easily and quickly recharge each pocket with the corresponding coin.
  • Companies

    Control of employee expenses by limiting their use to certain businesses.

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